Gabriel Gómez Molina - Gabi - was born in Barcelona, but at the moment he lives in Terrassa. He began to form part of the Maravella in the 2024/25 season as a drummer and percussionist.

His musical career also includes the mastery of instruments such as bongos, congas and cajon, among others.

His musical influences are very diverse: George Benson, Sting, Eric Clapton, Incognito, Michel Camilo, Chick Corea, Miles, Bill Evans, Count Basie... etc....

Going to the theater, reading and traveling are some of his hobbies in his free time. He also plays chess, 7-a-side soccer and paddle tennis!

"When I was a little boy, every Sunday at home, my father would play records of zarzuelas and classical music, and like him, I studied the classical guitar".
 One day, his cousin, who played in an ensemble, invited him to watch a rehearsal.
"I was shocked to see an acoustic drum set, and I haven't stopped playing since. The rehearsal took place in Calaf. I'm very excited to make my debut in the Maravella Orchestra in Calaf".



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