"A prop teu" - Disc Maravella Orchestra

Simple words that mean a lot of things. We want to show in this new record the power the rigorous direct that we are offering during all these years of trajectory.
This fact allow a us to " A prop teu" - "Near you"
In your hands you have our new record " A prop teu", but with your permission in this record we want to do a very deserved tribute to Manel Comadevall i Roca. He, firm and always positive, constant soul and spirit of the Orchestra Maravella was a tireless worker Who put his grain of sand with the repertoire of these concerts. Today we are glad interpret and record them.
"Cafè, copa i puro" (Coffee, cup and cigar) was his sentence when everything was going well. We want to say, with all the vibrant energy he entrust to us, that Manel we are and we will be "Near you"- "A prop teu"

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